Our Facilities

We always upgrade our manufacturing and laboratory facilities to cater to the ever-changing skincare industry.


We own one of the most advanced laboratory in Malaysia that adhere to pharmaceutical cleanliness standard, and equipped with the latest and state-of-the-art equipments. Our Research & Development status is certified by the Malaysian Investment Development Authority(MIDA).

Batch Capability

We produce high quality skincare products for entrepreneurs, small & medium businesses as well as big brands, from as low as 100 units per batch.

GMP Certified

Our facilities are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified by Ministry of Health, Malaysia, to ensure our manufacturing processes meet the highest standards of the industry.

Our Quality Assurance

Quality is our commitment to clients.

Throughout the production process, various inspections and tests will be conducted to monitor the production and the quality of the products. We have strict operational SOPs that allow us to ensure the highest standards of quality in every step of production using the latest advanced technology and equipments. Each finished product must go through at least 4 stages of In-House Quality Tests and Quality Control inspections.

Stability Test (R & D)

The objective of the Stability Test is to ensure that the product maintains its intended physical, chemical and microbiological quality and properties, as well as its functionality and aesthetics when stored under appropriate conditions.

Raw Material Testing

All raw materials used for production must be tested for its purity, identity and quality before production to ensure product’s reliability, consistency and efficacy.

In-Process Quality Control
(During Production)

During the production process, an in-process inspection and testing will be performed by monitoring the production and by actual sample analysis at defined locations and times.

Finished Products Quality Control

This is the last quality control process to ensure the final products meet the required standards of quality before delivering the products to client.


Our climate controlled storage facilities keep products in a constant environment that is free from dust, pollutant, pest, humidity and other threats.

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